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Small Quantity? Not a Problem!

At Converters, Inc., we know that occasionally customers need less than a case or just a trial order of quality pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives. Other companies in our industry do not have the capability to provide this service like we do.

Since 1968, Converters has been proud of our ability to accommodate customers with the quantities they need. With this customer‐friendly plan, you can choose from hundreds of different 3M™ products and bonding solutions and never have to worry about how many items you need to order.

Due to our flexible order policy, it is possible for our customers to:

  • Access our vast inventory of the highest quality tape products and stick to JIT Inventory principles
  • Apply Lean Manufacturing practices and industry‐leading response times
  • Utilize our amazing in‐house capabilities including die cutting, laminating services, and precision tape slitting

So, if you need less than a full case of tape and adhesive products, don’t worry. Converters, Inc. can help!

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Getting Your Tape ASAP: Converter’s Emergency Tape Program

If you own or manage a business, you know that putting out fires is a major part of almost any job. There are those times when you need supplies yesterday and cannot wait for normal delivery. At Converters, Inc., we are ready to help our customers when they are up against a wall and need tape products immediately. Thanks to our unique Emergency Tape Program, the odds are good that we can meet your last‐minute tape order requirement faster than almost anyone in the industry.

Our Emergency Tape Program allows Converters to provide our customers with standard and non‐standard tape rolls overnight. In addition, you are not limited to just a few of our products. You have access to our inventory of the widest variety of 3M™ pressure sensitive industrial and electrical specialty tapes and adhesives in the United States including:

  • VHB Tapes
  • Double-Coated Tapes & Transfer Adhesives
  • Bumpons™
  • Masking & Packaging Tapes
  • Thermal Bonding Films
  • Scotchmate™  & Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners
  • and many, many more!

Chances are, if you contact one of our customer service representatives before noon we can get your order out the very same day. At Converters, Inc., we take great pride in the quality of our tape products and our commitment to our customer’s needs. So the next time you find yourself having a tape emergency, don’t panic. Just pick up the phone and let Converters save the day!

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Converters Announces Launch of 3M Medical Assembly Solutions

Recently, 3M established a new portfolio of medical design construction materials positioned to meet that industry’s new regulatory protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. 3M Medical Assembly Solutions will provide medical design professionals with reliable tools for bonding, fastening, attaching and identification. This broad portfolio of products includes:

  • Adhesives
  • Bonding tapes
  • Adhesive transfer tapes
  • Reclosable Fasteners
  • Label Materials

All of these new products are stable through the strict AAMI TIR testing protocols for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization and supported by the FDA for the medical industry demands. 3M Medical Assembly Solutions have supporting technical documentation and specialized packaging to meet the needs of the market.

3M has been on top and ahead of the curve of the adhesives industry since the company’s founding in 1902. Everyone at Converters, Inc. is proud and excited to be a part of this latest venture by our biggest supplier, 3M. At Converters, since 85% of the products we carry come from the experts at 3M, we are the perfect place to come for their new FDA‐compliant line of medical adhesives and tapes. If you want more information about these exciting new innovative products from 3M, please contact Converters today.

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Handling Unexpected Production Stoppages: How to Get the Line Moving Again

Downtime.  One of the most hated situations in business operation. Unfortunately downtime has happened to every company at one time or another and for various reasons: Machines break down and fail or a part of the supply chain has failed. Whatever the reason, downtime is not good for business.  Downtime has its costs in time and money. The true cost of downtime can be calculated. The domino effect of downtime can be devastating to a company’s ability to meet customer demand and, in turn, the company’s reputation.

Can down time be averted? There are ways to minimize the chance of it happening but the odds are against a supplier or a factory never experiencing an unexpected situation. offers ways to minimize downtime that includes machinery maintenance, effective communication with employees, and monitoring processes.

So, you’ve followed all the advice and expect production to run smoothly forever.   Plans are set. The supply chain is running smoothly. Jobs are properly scheduled. And then, it happens. Production stops. Maybe it is a machine malfunction. Maybe a purchase order slipped through the cracks. Maybe stock was misplaced. Whatever the reason, the problem is the same: How can we fix this? What can we do?

First, don’t panic. Second, call Converters, Inc. With our Emergency Tape Program we will be able to get you the supplies you need to get up and running ASAP. We have the largest in-house stock inventory of 3M™ tapes enabling us to provide quick turnaround and overnight shipping. Our rapid response and superior customer service provide each customer with personalized assistance in product selection and shipping options. With over 45 years as an authorized 3M Preferred Converter and Distributor, you can count on Converters, Inc. to make that downtime disappear.

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Converters Celebrates Women’s History Month

It was with great pride that everyone at Converters celebrated National Women’s History Month. The month long event is the brainchild of the National Women’s History Project, and shines a light on the role women have played in making the U.S. a world leader. This year’s theme, Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination, is one that means a great deal to a company like ours. Though we make up 50.8% of the population, women only make up 24% of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workforce.

Historically, society has done its best to dissuade or outright exclude women from careers in the STEM fields. By propagating the myth that women don’t like or can’t excel in math and science society has gone a long way to feeding the STEM gender gap. It is for this reason that National Women’s History Month is so important.  It highlights and celebrates the many generation of women who have broken molds and blazed amazing paths with their brilliance and fortitude.

The sad part is that we could fill many blogs just listing women you’ve probably never heard of who have invented and discovered the things you take for granted in your day to day life.  So many of the products that we sell at Converters simply would not exist without the brilliance of female scientist and inventors.

National Women’s History Month might be over, but at Converters, we have no plans of slowing down our commitment to increasing the involvement of women in the STEM fields.  To learn more on how you can get involved, please visit the National Women’s History Projects website today.

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Learning the Ropes from the Pros: Scientists Learning about Adhesives by Studying Spiders

spider web adhesive tapeIf you hear the word “spiders”, we’ll pardon you if the first images that creep into your head have something to do with the terrifying, terrible B-movies you saw as a child on UHF stations late at night. We’ll also understand completely if your mind wanders back to the most recent time you stumbled across a spider in your bathroom (and a completely harmless, common, household spider at that) and promptly stamped it with your Nike sneaker.

But if you are one amongst a team of biologists and researchers at the U. of Akron in Ohio, you might be thinking about another, more strategic use for these garden-variety pests. The fact is, common household spiders spin webs to capture their prey. These webs contain adhesive properties which, quite remarkably, have both strong and weak adhesive qualities – all at once. How is this even possible? As it turns out, it’s all in the way a spider constructs its web. Spiders spin their webs using strong adhesives when “anchoring” their webs to ceilings or to vertical surfaces. That way, if a fly or a mosquito or a wasp comes bashing along at high speed into the web, the baseline adhesives remain firm even if the web jolts from the force of the impact. The insect, thence, is trapped. On the other hand, if an ant or a potato bug crawls on by a spider’s web on the ground, the adhesive is spun deliberately weak, so that it “snaps back” upon being triggered, and catapults the unlucky bug into the selfsame web.

But still you’re asking, what’s the practical, human point of this study? What are the technological implications? Well, as it turns out, they could prove incredibly useful. Infants in neonatal intensive care units at hospitals often need adhesive tape for monitoring instruments attached to their skin. Obviously, a neonatal infant’s skin is extremely delicate. And if there’s a necessity for the tape to be placed along an infant’s joint, there’s even the disturbing risk of mobility loss in the infant’s joint. Since neonatal tape needs to be replaced frequently, the risk of skin damage from adhesives is that much more possible. But by using adhesive material based on studying spider-webs, doctors and nurses have now developed a tape that is highly adhesive on the inside and easily removable on the outside.

One question remains: how many bugs had to die for science to learn this? We at Converters can only guess faintly at the possible quadrillions of casualties. We’re just glad our babies are that much safer.

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How Does One “Recycle” a Substance Thats Main Purpose Is to “Outlast”?

recycling PTFEIt’s a question that needs more airtime than it usually gets. We all know how aluminum, standard plastic, steel, and rubber can find new usage given the right recycling methods – those methods are tried-and-true and have been around for a long time at this point. But it’s the substances that are chemically engineered to withstand – and outlast – the ultra-harsh environments they are subject to that could use a little more conversation. One such material finds its way into many of 3M’s and Converter’s most ingenious products: polytetrafluoroethylene. Labeled PTFE for short (don’t worry, there won’t be a spelling quiz), it is a substance prized by manufacturers and end-users alike for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures in addition to intensively hostile, corrosive chemical environments. Where steel and aluminum fear to tread, PTFE can make all the difference.

But being that PTFE is so reliably resilient, it’s been a laborious process for those who make it – including the chemical engineers at 3M – to break it back down into operable material once its “shelf-life” has expired. It’s been a difficult feat of engineering, but as part of 3M’s long-standing initiative to become a greener company, it’s a problem that now has a solution. In the south of Germany, 3M subsidiary Dyneon GmbH is in the midst of building a PTFE reprocessing plant that will have an annual recycling rate of 500 tons per year. Upon arrival at the site, PTFE products will be heated within a reactor, split into their bare gaseous compounds, cleaned, and subsequently reintegrated into the production of fresh PTFE products. Given that most PTFE either ends up in landfills or burned in a non-eco-friendly way, this new means of recycling is a great leap forward for 3M and all companies that affiliate with it.

At Converters, we have a long history of providing the best in customized 3M products as well as in being eco-conscious. Our commitment to promoting a better, greener environment is stronger than ever – and we whole-heartedly support 3M’s groundbreaking initiative to help “break down” one of the most problematic substances currently in production. Being that we stock PTFE solutions in our own supply chain, we are that much more confident that consumers can purchase these products without being fettered by environmental bad conscience. On the contrary, they’ll be contributing to the greening of the planet.

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January’s Detroit Auto Show and Our Automotive Tape

The Detroit Auto ShowThe North American International Auto Show, or The Detroit Auto Show as it’s often known as, is bar none the most important automotive show in the Western Hemisphere, and probably the world. With an estimated 80 million vehicles sold worldwide this year, the show promises to be a celebration of an industry that faced hard times only a few years ago, only to come firing back triumphantly on all cylinders. General Motors, Ford, Chrysler-Fiat, Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, BYD, or Tesla Motors: if you’re anybody in the automotive world, you’re out there strutting your stuff in the heart of the city that saw the births of both the car and the assembly-line.

But as anyone and everyone know, the auto industry isn’t just about its superstar cars, trucks, jeeps, vans, and SUVs. It’s also about those companies who make or supply the various parts and maintenance services that keep these cars up and running year upon year. In short, it’s about us here at Converters, Inc. too. Being that we supply a whole nine yards’ worth of 3M automotive aftermarket products, items such as abrasives, adhesives, body fillers and coatings; as well as electrical connector tapes, masking products and paint protection films; not to mention things like seam sealers, fasteners, and “finishing touch” striping tapes, we’re in this business as much as anybody who’s descended directly from Henry Ford.

It’s been a rough, bumpy ride for a lot of different industries in America and in the world at large this year. That being said, the automotive industry proves there can be happy exceptions to the rule. Executives at American car companies are psyched for the coming 2013 sales year, a year that promises auto sales that will continue to bolster a comeback economy. That makes us excited at Converters, too. Here’s looking forward to a healthy, wealthy, and competitive New Year, and to the road that lies ahead!

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Cutting Through the Red Tape’s Never Been Easier with Our New Online Catalogues

You could call it “web tape”: the digital version of red-tape. “Web tape” occurs on websites that are difficult to navigate, or where the web user is uncertain about whether or not accurate, current information is available on a given product. At a brick-and-mortar store, such inaccuracy would be inexcusable. Hands down, there’s nothing worse than poor customer service, and that principle should apply doubly for online.

At Converters, we’ve sought to eliminate web tape from our website from the get-go. Our navigable, user-friendly site (come see it for yourself!) has been custom-made for an easy, informative, and 100% modern experience. And as of late, we’ve enhanced these qualities with even better, cleaner, and clearer offerings. Specifically, we’ve added new 3M Bumpon Protective Products and 3M Medical Specialty Tapes sections to our comprehensive catalogue. With the ubiquitous need for Bumpons in every walk of modern life and work, and with the growing demand for high-grade medical tape that can meet the exacting standards of today’s growing hospital and healthcare industries, we’re proud to have embedded these new categories online as quickly as we’ve done.

Our ability to customize Bumpon products and medical specialty tape is renowned throughout our area and industry, as is our rapid delivery time. To learn more about which adhesives Converters can offer you custom-wise, please visit our website or give us a call today!

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Bumpons from 3M: the Perfect Solution for All-Around Protection

Everyday dents, bumps, skids, and abrasions can leave a cumulative effect on your everyday items. Whether you’re at home, in your car, or at your office, each moment of the waking day seems to present new risks to your valuables.  The little, daily scenarios might almost seem to be infinite: your computer monitor topples accidentally from its stand onto your office desk, or your home cabinets and doors get slammed enough that they begin to display signs of wear, tear, and even cracks.

You can put an end to all that by protecting your essential possessions with the help of Bumpons.  Bumpons from the 3M Co. have about as many uses as there are objects in the world, since they can be customized to shield almost any given application. Made from plasticizer free, urethane material and easily adhering to almost any surface, Bumpons are the perfect solution for protecting everything from office desks, to workstation computers, to household appliances, to automotive applications as they endure the rough process of getting assembled. Coming in general shapes that range from tapered squares, to cylindrical concave tops, to hemispheres, to “top hats” and cylinders, there’s a range of cost-effective, readymade options already in place.

In a world that’s as fast-paced, as multi-tasking, and as congested as our own, there’s plenty of room – let’s face it – for human error. But by using 3M Bumpons, customized by Converters, Inc., to your specific needs, the chance for accidents is going to get reduced, period.

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