About Ourselves and Our Work with 3M

In 1968, we got our start as a supplier of pressure-sensitive tape for the industrial and medical markets. From the get-go, we had some distinct advantages working in our favor. One of our company founders, Jay O’Malley, originally worked at 3M, the world’s premier tape and adhesive manufacturer, not to mention the maker of Scotch Tape. Our other founder, Daniel A. Cipriano, noticed that there was frequently a lag-time between when a customer ordered industrial tape in bulk and when that tape was actually delivered.  Realizing that he could supply 3M products – whether bulk or otherwise – in a swifter, timelier manner, Dan began the process of initiating Converters “Emergency Tape Program.”

In short time, he was on a plane bound for 3M’s company headquarters in the Twin Cities, business plan in hand. The executives at 3M agreed to let him formulate a distribution center that focused on delivering rapid turnaround orders, and thus a successful business model was born.

A family-owned and -operated business from the start, Converters Inc. now specializes not only in stocking 3M supplies for all types of business and/or personal applications, but also can tailor-make tapes and adhesives through our own die-cutting, lamination, medical tape and healthcare tape conversion services. We’ve survived and thrived since 1968 by adhering to our foundational principals , namely our ability to deliver rapid shipments of adhesive tape anywhere and immediately to our customers.

Our customer retention rate speaks for itself. Once customers do business with us, they keep coming back, plain and simple. We look forward to meeting new clients and business partners by way of this blog, as well as by way of our other social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. We’ve been around since 1968, and by the looks of it, we’re here to stay.

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  1. Lynnette C says:

    Hi, its really great to hear about how you observe your customers’ needs & make special efforts to convince 3M to support your cause. At the same time, I am also impressed of 3M’s enthusiastic support towards proactive suggestions.

    All the best for your business & your new blog.

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