Bumpons from 3M: the Perfect Solution for All-Around Protection

Everyday dents, bumps, skids, and abrasions can leave a cumulative effect on your everyday items. Whether you’re at home, in your car, or at your office, each moment of the waking day seems to present new risks to your valuables.  The little, daily scenarios might almost seem to be infinite: your computer monitor topples accidentally from its stand onto your office desk, or your home cabinets and doors get slammed enough that they begin to display signs of wear, tear, and even cracks.

You can put an end to all that by protecting your essential possessions with the help of Bumpons.  Bumpons from the 3M Co. have about as many uses as there are objects in the world, since they can be customized to shield almost any given application. Made from plasticizer free, urethane material and easily adhering to almost any surface, Bumpons are the perfect solution for protecting everything from office desks, to workstation computers, to household appliances, to automotive applications as they endure the rough process of getting assembled. Coming in general shapes that range from tapered squares, to cylindrical concave tops, to hemispheres, to “top hats” and cylinders, there’s a range of cost-effective, readymade options already in place.

In a world that’s as fast-paced, as multi-tasking, and as congested as our own, there’s plenty of room – let’s face it – for human error. But by using 3M Bumpons, customized by Converters, Inc., to your specific needs, the chance for accidents is going to get reduced, period.

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