Cutting Through the Red Tape’s Never Been Easier with Our New Online Catalogues

You could call it “web tape”: the digital version of red-tape. “Web tape” occurs on websites that are difficult to navigate, or where the web user is uncertain about whether or not accurate, current information is available on a given product. At a brick-and-mortar store, such inaccuracy would be inexcusable. Hands down, there’s nothing worse than poor customer service, and that principle should apply doubly for online.

At Converters, we’ve sought to eliminate web tape from our website from the get-go. Our navigable, user-friendly site (come see it for yourself!) has been custom-made for an easy, informative, and 100% modern experience. And as of late, we’ve enhanced these qualities with even better, cleaner, and clearer offerings. Specifically, we’ve added new 3M Bumpon Protective Products and 3M Medical Specialty Tapes sections to our comprehensive catalogue. With the ubiquitous need for Bumpons in every walk of modern life and work, and with the growing demand for high-grade medical tape that can meet the exacting standards of today’s growing hospital and healthcare industries, we’re proud to have embedded these new categories online as quickly as we’ve done.

Our ability to customize Bumpon products and medical specialty tape is renowned throughout our area and industry, as is our rapid delivery time. To learn more about which adhesives Converters can offer you custom-wise, please visit our website or give us a call today!

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