Handling Unexpected Production Stoppages: How to Get the Line Moving Again

Downtime.  One of the most hated situations in business operation. Unfortunately downtime has happened to every company at one time or another and for various reasons: Machines break down and fail or a part of the supply chain has failed. Whatever the reason, downtime is not good for business.  Downtime has its costs in time and money. The true cost of downtime can be calculated. The domino effect of downtime can be devastating to a company’s ability to meet customer demand and, in turn, the company’s reputation.

Can down time be averted? There are ways to minimize the chance of it happening but the odds are against a supplier or a factory never experiencing an unexpected situation.  Manufacturing.net offers ways to minimize downtime that includes machinery maintenance, effective communication with employees, and monitoring processes.

So, you’ve followed all the advice and expect production to run smoothly forever.   Plans are set. The supply chain is running smoothly. Jobs are properly scheduled. And then, it happens. Production stops. Maybe it is a machine malfunction. Maybe a purchase order slipped through the cracks. Maybe stock was misplaced. Whatever the reason, the problem is the same: How can we fix this? What can we do?

First, don’t panic. Second, call Converters, Inc. With our Emergency Tape Program we will be able to get you the supplies you need to get up and running ASAP. We have the largest in-house stock inventory of 3M™ tapes enabling us to provide quick turnaround and overnight shipping. Our rapid response and superior customer service provide each customer with personalized assistance in product selection and shipping options. With over 45 years as an authorized 3M Preferred Converter and Distributor, you can count on Converters, Inc. to make that downtime disappear.

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