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Converters and the Medical Industry

Converters Incorporated has partnered with the 3M Company to supply the medical industry with innovative products and confidential design support.  Recently, we have seen an increase in orders from the medical industry. As the population grows and Baby Boomers begin to retire (10,000 of them are now retiring per day in this country alone), and laws gradually change, the entire medical industry has to gear up to face the challenges and opportunities that the future presents.

We do not make things like catheters or IV’s. Instead we provide an A-to-Z assortment of tapes and adhesives that are crucial to these devices functioning properly.  Just imagine trying to hold an IV line in place without medical tape. If you’ve ever had an EKG, you know that a certain number of electrodes need to be attached to your body. We provide the foam tape that holds down wires and the adhesive around the electrodes. Once again, we don’t make the EKG machine; we help the EKG machine run properly. Hospitals and doctors would love it if “one tape could fit all applications”, but that is just not the case. We take a variety of 3M tapes and die-cut them for a variety of situations with one common goal in mind: to make the patient more comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

At Converters, we are very proud of our crucial role in the complex world of modern medicine.  If you want to learn more about all the products we provide, explore our website, or give us a call today.

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Circuit Board Dots – a Growing Segment of Our Industry Base

Electronics might be one of the most lucratively expansive industries in the world today – taking in estimated annual worldwide sales of something like $2.02 trillion per year. But that vast trade figure – computers, machinery, vehicles, all the latest in trendy consumer gadgetry – all of this depends on painstaking fabrication and assembly of tiny printed circuit boards. The manner by which PCBs get manufactured involves high-precision placement of microchip components onto metal or plastic boards by means of soldering. Such is the need for infinitesimal accuracy when fitting PCBs together that the slightest mistake, or “misprint,” can render the whole PCB utterly useless. In a several trillion-dollar industry dependent on minutiae, there is a need for easy, accurate, and swift fitting of microchips, wire harnesses, and other such circuit components into the underlying structure. One cost-effective means of achieving all that is through the use of printed circuit board tape.

Printed circuit board tape (sometimes referred to as “printed circuit board dots”) is a specialty tape that PCB manufacturers use to protect circuit board components during the all-intensive soldering process. The tape not only keeps the components in proper place, but protects one layer of boards from the next, allowing each to function in accordance with its particular application.

Converters, Inc. provides 3M Greenback printed circuit board tape in a wide range of specifications, as well as harmonizing codes. The translucent green, 1 mm polyester film tape is heavily coated with silicone/rubber-blended adhesive for optimal protection of components during soldering. With so much at stake, who would want to entrust their PCB soldering process to anything but the all-around leading brand of tape in the world, 3M? The question is, indeed, rhetorical.

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About Ourselves and Our Work with 3M

In 1968, we got our start as a supplier of pressure-sensitive tape for the industrial and medical markets. From the get-go, we had some distinct advantages working in our favor. One of our company founders, Jay O’Malley, originally worked at 3M, the world’s premier tape and adhesive manufacturer, not to mention the maker of Scotch Tape. Our other founder, Daniel A. Cipriano, noticed that there was frequently a lag-time between when a customer ordered industrial tape in bulk and when that tape was actually delivered.  Realizing that he could supply 3M products – whether bulk or otherwise – in a swifter, timelier manner, Dan began the process of initiating Converters “Emergency Tape Program.”

In short time, he was on a plane bound for 3M’s company headquarters in the Twin Cities, business plan in hand. The executives at 3M agreed to let him formulate a distribution center that focused on delivering rapid turnaround orders, and thus a successful business model was born.

A family-owned and -operated business from the start, Converters Inc. now specializes not only in stocking 3M supplies for all types of business and/or personal applications, but also can tailor-make tapes and adhesives through our own die-cutting, lamination, medical tape and healthcare tape conversion services. We’ve survived and thrived since 1968 by adhering to our foundational principals , namely our ability to deliver rapid shipments of adhesive tape anywhere and immediately to our customers.

Our customer retention rate speaks for itself. Once customers do business with us, they keep coming back, plain and simple. We look forward to meeting new clients and business partners by way of this blog, as well as by way of our other social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. We’ve been around since 1968, and by the looks of it, we’re here to stay.

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Converters Inc. Proud to Announce Launch of New Blog

Converters Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new blog. Return here in the future for informative updates regarding both company and industry.

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