Industrial Double-Sided Tape

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If you have ever used double-sided tape, whether at work or for a project around the house, you know how handy this adhesive product can be. At Converters, Inc., we produce a wide variety of 3M industrial double-sided tape perfect for countless commercial applications.

Double-Sided Tape: The Basics

Industrial double-sided tape provides the kind of convenience that you can’t get from other adhesive products. Equally sticky on both sides, it can bond two items together with much greater strength than you may expect. Additionally, it works with many mediums, including glass, metal, wood, plastic and even painted objects, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors — even in extreme heat and cold.

You may think of tape as a temporary solution to be used until repairs are made, but Converters, Inc., sells 3M industrial double-sided tape that lasts for years.

Common Types of Double-Sided Tape

Industrial and commercial double-sided tape can be constructed of many different materials, each intended for a specific set of applications. If you are not sure which 3M industrial double-sided tape is best for your project, contact the team at Converters, Inc., for professional advice.

  • Paper tapes: Thin but strong, paper double-sided tape is often the best choice for bonding paper or cardboard materials.
  • Cloth tapes: Often used for carpeting applications, cloth tape is more substantial than paper tape and can provide a strong, flexible bond.
  • Foam tapes: Strong, thick and resistant to heat, 3M foam tape can be used both for bonding and soundproofing.
  • Adhesive transfer tape: Perfect for paper, plastic or metal, adhesive transfer tape provides a strong bond with superior flexibility.
  • Tissue tape: Extremely lightweight while simultaneously durable, tissue tape is a favorite in the garment industry.
  • Film tape: Thin and plastic, 3M film tape is often used for bonding in the medical and packaging industries.
  • Mounting tape: Intended for hanging pictures, mirrors and other heavy objects, mounting tape is thick and strong — the perfect alternative to nails or screws in walls.
  • Polyester tape: Thin and resistant to heat, polyester tape is often used in electronics and other applications in which longevity is critical.

Industrial Double-Sided Tape Applications

Industrial double-sided tape has innumerable applications in a variety of industries, including building construction, automotive and paper products.

  • Construction

When you think of construction, you may think of nails and screws, but industrial double-sided tape has its place here, namely in providing a moisture-proof and sound-dampening barrier. Use it with insulation, flooring, house wrap and more.

  • Automotive

While vehicles are held together with rivets, what makes these vehicles beautiful is made possible by industrial double-sided tape. The automotive industry uses 3M double-sided tape to attach trim and accessories, for customization and for safety features such as rubber non-skid treading.

  • Paper

The paper industry relies heavily on industrial double-sided tape, using it for splicing, end tabbing, reel closing and more.

Benefits of Double-Sided Adhesives

When it’s possible to choose industrial double-sided tape over other types of adhesives, it is often the best course of action. The reasons for this are many.

  • Dependable Adhesion

Industrial double-sided tape often provides a better bond than glue and other types of adhesives. One reason is because it works so well on irregular surfaces. Additionally, it has both insulating and soundproofing properties.

  • Time-Saving Application

With glues and other liquid adhesives, you must factor in the time it takes to apply them and allow them to dry. With industrial double-sided tape, you just peel and stick. The time you save assembling each product translates to higher profits.

  • Quick and Easy Training

The peel-and-stick nature of industrial double-sided tape requires virtually no training. This is not the case with other liquid adhesives. Employing less-skilled workers saves you money on labor costs.

Industrial Double-Sided Tape from Converters, Inc.

The more often you can incorporate double-sided tape into your industrial applications, the more time and money you can save and surer you can be of a strong, stable bond. At the same time, if you are not well-versed on the applications of the various types of double-sided tape, you may be hesitant to attempt to incorporate it into your manufacturing process. We understand, and as the experts in the use of industrial double-sided tape, we are here to support you. Contact us for advice and assistance when you want to purchase 3M industrial double-sided tape.