Working together to turn your ideas into reality

Converters, Inc. collection of 3M tapes, customized by our expert professionalsYou may start with an idea, or even a drawing, but not know how to turn that into the right end product. That is where Converters Inc.’s years of experience and expertise comes in.

Our team of professionals will spend time with you, consulting about what we know best: materials, process, production runs, and more…to help turn your idea into the most excellent and cost effective end result. Every step along the way is integral and needs to be done correctly. We will take into consideration the substrate, exposure, and environment of your application requirements. Equally as important, Converters, Inc. will utilize the best tooling and manufacturing options to cut down on both cost and waste.

Converters, Inc. takes pride in knowing what works well. We look forward to helping guide you through the process utilizing our knowledge and unparalleled execution.