Healthcare Solutions

Certified and confident in providing adhesive components that aid in caring for you

Converters, Inc. offers custom die cutting, precision tape slitting, and laminating services for the healthcare and medical device industry.

As an FDA registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we prioritize cleanliness, accuracy, and traceability.

We value our ability to turn pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives into safe, medical-grade components to provide superior results.

We believe that a key factor for today’s health care community is having a dependable manufacturer and supplier that can provide excellent quality and service. Our extensive inventory of medical materials allows us to be that resource for you.

Converters, Inc. is ready to take your project further. Allow us to assist you in finding your next healthcare solution that will uphold your standards and far surpass your requirements.

Here are some examples of industries that we commonly work with but are not limited to:

Converters makes products for personal health
Personal Health

Converters makes parts and components for the medical industry

Converters makes medical device components
Medical Device Components

Converters can produce products and components related to drug delivery systems
Drug Delivery Systems

Converters can produce products for the cosmetic industry
Cosmetics & Beauty