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At Converters, Inc., we take pride in delivering the custom solutions our customers need to solve their biggest challenges. We’ve developed adhesive tape solutions for a wide range of applications and can enhance end products in a variety of ways. From adhesive bonding to sound dampening and much more, we have the experience and technology to develop the optimal solution for your needs.

Adhesive bonding

We specialize in creating adhesive bonding solutions using a wide range of tape materials. We can develop solutions for both permanent and temporary bonding applications as well as bonding substrates with different surface energies. We work to identify the adhesive materials with the optimal characteristics for your unique application and convert those materials to your exact specifications. Some common materials we convert to create adhesive bonding solutions include 3M™ VHB tape, adhesive transfer tape, vinyl tapes and many more.

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Adhesive tapes can provide effective sealing under a wide range of environmental conditions and can also be more cost efficient and easier to apply than other types of sealing solutions. We regularly develop durable adhesive tape solutions for projects that require watertight or airtight seals. These include things like HVAC systems, medical products, consumer electronics and other industrial manufacturing solutions. We can also laminate adhesives onto foams or other materials to further enhance sealing solutions.

Surface protection

Whether you’re just trying to protect products in transit or develop a more permanent solution, we can customize adhesive tapes to provide quality surface protection for a wide range of applications. We regularly convert thin, durable adhesives to protect things like appliance panels, electronics, industrial equipment, healthcare products and more. We can die-cut materials to custom shapes and sizes so they can be quickly and easily applied to end products. This helps to accelerate assembly and improve manufacturing efficiency while ensuring all products receive the protection they need.

Sound dampening and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)

Industrial manufacturing applications can produce a lot of noise, and when components come loose and start to vibrate and rattle, it can also compromise product performance. We develop solutions to eliminate unwanted sound, as well as mitigate noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues. Our solutions enhance the user experience while also helping to improve durability and extend the life of the application. Our sound dampening and NVH solutions utilize advanced materials and adhesive tapes that are custom configured to your exact specifications.

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Our approach to tape converting allows us to develop truly custom adhesive tape solutions that meet project requirements and exceed expectations. We work closely with your team to understand your end application and develop the optimal solution based on your needs. We can source a wide range of adhesive tape materials, including specialty materials, with short turnaround times. Our experience and precision converting capabilities combine to solve your biggest challenges and add value to industrial manufacturing applications.

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